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14 Signs You Are Over Your Ex


Breakups can be painful! When you suddenly come out of a love relationship, it is tough to accept that you no more have a lover now. Once a good deal of time has gone by, you start accepting that their relationship is over. You may or may not be willing to start a new relationship but you can surely find out if you have moved on from the previous one. Here are some signs which will let you know if you are over your ex. Knowing these signs will really help you move on and become happier.

1. If you have stopped roaming about around your ex’s house, workplace or favorite restaurant you guys visited, then it means you are over your ex.

2. If you no more wait for your ex’s calls, then you are over him.

3. If your ex did not wish you on your birthday and you didn’t cry about this, then you have definitely moved on in life.

4. If you have stopped secretly following your ex’s Twitter profile and checking out his/her photographs on other social networking websites, then you have moved on.

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5. If you can throw your ex’s gifts or clothes away or give them away in charity, then you are over him.

6. If you are able to enjoy your weekend to the fullest with your friends and family without mentioning your ex, then you have probably moved on.

7. If you are dating a new person and you are enjoying his attention, care and touch, then you are surely over your ex.

8. You are over your ex if you see him somewhere and don’t feel like saying ‘Hi’ even once, then you are over him.

9. You are over your ex if you don’t feel like running away when he is around.

10. If you have stopped comparing your ex’s pros and cons with new guys, then you have moved on.

11. If you no more avoid wearing dresses of your ex’s favorite color, then you are over him. This means that you can wear a specific color simply because you like it or it looks good on you and you don’t care what your ex will think if he spots you wearing that favorite color.

12. You are over your ex if you go out with friends and don’t try to find him wherever you go.

13. You are over your ex if you can delete all of his pictures from your phone and computer.

14. You are over your ex if he gives you a call and you don’t pick up.8 Things That Could Kill Your Relationship