2 Million Homosexuals Flood The Streets To Perform Mock Crucifixion Of Jesus

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enhanced-15456-1433978712-7-450x437 2 million homosexuals flooded the streets and performed a mock crucifixion of Jesus. A transgender actress played the part of dressing up like Jesus, being whipped until she bled, and then being crucified.

The rally took place on the streets of the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo.

UOL Brazil reported:

In the early hours of Monday, federal congressman of the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo and pastor Marco Feliciano (PSC) posted messages on a social network website criticizing the demonstration. 

He accused the organisers of the parade of mocking the Christian faith and said that by being contrary to this type of act, he does not exercise prejudice or intolerance, but only freedom of expression and religion.

President of the Commission of Constitutional Law of OAB-SP, Marcelo de Oliveira Fausto Figueiredo did not see crime in the act. “It was a strong demonstration, but in my point of view was within the freedom of expression.”


Actress Viviany Beleboni, 26, who played the crucifixion, said she was terrified by the threats she later received, but has no regrets. “They say absurd things: that I must die; be crucified for real, get cancer. I woke up early with an anonymous phone call, saying that I was going to die.”

She regrets having been criticized by the LGBT community. “They think that gays are going to be more repressed, the prejudice will increase.”

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