29 Of 31 Priests In Kenya Sleeping With University Girls Won’t Get Spanking From Pope

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The Chairman of the Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU), Babu Owino, has finally spoken out about the WhatsApp screenshot doing rounds on social media adding that he plans to forgive some of the errant priests.

The WhatsApp screenshot captures a conversation between the outspoken student leader and an unnamed pastor where Owino states that he will expose “31 Catholic bishops, fathers, and pastors who are having sex with University ladies, in the name of God”


After the screenshot was leaked on social media, many questioned the veracity of the conversation. Social media users accused the outspoken SONU Chair of faking the WhatsApp screenshot to gain cheap publicity ahead of the Pope’s historic visit.

Babu Owino says that he did not leak the photos from the conversation, but suspects that they were released by the pastor: “It seems that the pastor is the one who leaked the photo from his side, when we saw this, it prompted leaked photos from our side. I shared a few photos with a friend concerning that conversation.”

So does this mean that there is an actual list? If so, will he make the names public?

“I have the 31 names. They are in a red envelope but I will not release them because I want to forgive them,” he said.

Though he plans to let the errant religious leaders off the hook, Owino says that he would not forgive two pastors because they have been very arrogant. He confirms that those unlucky two will be exposed in due time.

When asked about the motivation behind his move, the student leader says he is irked by the pastors’ evil behaviors. Owino added that the men of the cloth are even paying school fees for some of the female students in exchange of sexual favours.  He claims that the affected students have reached out to him because they don’t know what to do.

When pressed to give more information about his claims, Owino kept mum. He also refused to divulge the identity of the pastor he was chatting with in the viral screen shot.

The controversial student leader is known for his many outrageous threats.  Before the arrival of U.S. President Barack Obama, he claimed that female students would urinate on a tree Obama planted in 2006 ifteh American leader failed to visit the institution. He has also issued threats to the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) and popular Nairobi nightspot, 1824.

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