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30 FACTS about Ellen White, the Trinity and the SDA Church


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1. Ellen White never used the word Trinity or Triune God or the pagan three in one formula in any way whatsoever.

2. She also never used the Catholic phrases God the Son or God the Holy Spirit used by Trinitarians.

3. She used the term third person only to refer to the Spirit of Christ and hence is different to the Trinitarian meaning.

4. Hence she never used the terms first person or second person since third person was non-Trinitarian to her.

5. She states that God sent her from place to place to rebuke those who were teaching false doctrines.

6. She never corrected her husband or the early pioneers for their anti-Trinitarian teaching.

7. From 1844 God also had her correct those teaching false ideas about God but how can she do that if she is in error?

8. In 1905, Ellen White wrote that God told her to reproduce the works of the pioneers that were anti-Trinitarian.

9. The above points make sense because the non-Trinitarian view was God given and one of the Pillars of Faith.

10. Ellen White corrected Kellogg not just for Pantheism but for teaching the trinity doctrine and the Holy Spirit as god.

11. The world saw the Adventist Church and Ellen White as being non-Trinitarian two years before her death.

12. The Church stopped printing their official stand of no Trinity in the Yearbook the year Mrs. White died.

13. She never requested that her books be re-edited and the non-Trinitarian thoughts removed since they were truth.

14. In 1905, Ellen White wrote that God never told her to change anything that she ever wrote since she was a girl.

15. It is claimed Ellen White became a Trinitarian before 1895 but in 1905 she wrote that she never changed anything.

16. It is claimed she was Trinitarian when she wrote the Desire of Ages and yet this book is full of non-Trinitarian quotes.

17. After this she wrote that what was truth in the beginning was truth now and that new truths never contradicted the old.

18. Well after the Desire of Ages she strongly promoted non-Trinitarian books to the world that Froom later had edited.

19. The change and so called greater light originated from sources outside of the Seventh day Adventist Church.

20. It is alleged that Adventist LeRoy Froom was seen working as a Catholic priest prior to entering the Church.

21. Froom deliberately set out to find anything that Ellen White wrote that could be wrongly interpreted as being Trinitarian.

22. Froom had to search over 100,000 pages of Ellen White’s writings to find a handful of misunderstood quotes.

23. The quotes are misunderstood because most do not know that Ellen White says the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ.

24. Thus she teaches that the Comforter, Spirit of truth and the Spirit that Christ breathed on His disciples was His Spirit.

25. Ellen White states that the “third person” in the “three great powers” and the “heavenly trio” is in fact the Spirit of Christ.

26. So we also find that she called the Spirit of Christ a “person” which is where most of the confusion comes from.

27. She calls His Spirit a person because His Spirit can function independently of Himself and so it is like it is another.

28. Ellen White never told anyone she was a Trinitarian and so this was only wrongly assumed years after her death.

29. The only Biblical support for the trinity doctrine was not from God but was added by our adversary to pervert the truth.

30. Ellen White wrote non-Trinitarian statements all the way to her death and all you have to do is look and see!

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