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A Fading Society-Reflections of lost hope

A Fading Society-Reflections of lost hope

a fading society
Reflections of lost hope
Sometimes back a pal of mine and I got engaged in a heated argument about my apparent ‘traditionalism’. The whole saga resulted from my refusal to admit that two ladies I had seen previously kissing in public was our ‘modern’ society and I should swallow pride and tag along. By kissing I mean they met, apparently one was visiting the other who had come out to meet her, and, yes, they kissed…don’t get irritated, no tongue action-maybe it was saved for later- or they knew our ‘modern’ society was not so modern to swallow all that, but the lips touched.

When I first saw a lady in trouser was way back in I guess 1998 ± 3years. That was in upcountry and that lady must have had guts I can’t define. But if I may describe her character-right now I would sum up us loose and promiscuous. And that’s one reason back then if a daughter or wife wanted to attempt that form of modernization, the conversation was concluded to something like “…do you want to be like…? Not in my house…” other attributes that she had were alcoholism and, yes, promiscuity leave alone the fact that she was married living with her husband.

Now before you gang up with all manners of stones to mob some form of justice, am not against any form of dressing. It’s a personal choice that no one can infringe.

The real question is who are you? What do you stand for? 20yrs ago certain ills affecting us were non-existent.  Back then gay relations were a problem of the west, so was dressing as an issue to do with morality. The worst we heard was a man sentenced to not less than 10yrs for raping a boy or an animal. Now, that’s a society. But now, seems like defining our sexuality and our sex orientations is the in thing for all. Out of the blues we find all kinds of reasons to condone certain problems that should we had remained ‘Africanized’ ‘traditional’ and ‘conservative’ we won’t be fighting.

Don’t get me wrong, I applause modernization, but to the very extent that promotes good morals, beyond that, nope.  Everything to do with technology and life in general always come with the dos and the don’ts.  The problem we’ve faced is our failure to sieve through the appropriate good for the dos and omit the sickening don’ts.

If we were to ever form a ‘tribunal’ to investigate the genesis of all the pervasiveness, I bet somewhere along the lines of their findings, dressing, and movies will feature. By tolerating small doses of western culture we’ve so highly corrupted our lives that we can’t really figure ways out.

Kenya like so many African states now faces the problem of prostitution, gay and lesbianism, early pregnancies, STDs, to mention a few. And with the ‘mode’ of copy pasting our western ‘lord’s’ policies, it’s only a matter of time before prostitution and gay relations are legalized…a time for us to chant our voices silly. What good shall arise?

 Soon our distinguished clergy will wage wars like the recent safaricom –airtel wars, different incentives but similar concluding resultant implications. So far alcoholism as an obstacle to go to church has been erased by the very clergy, including the Catholic Church, purporting that as long as one entered the presence of God ‘sober’. In other words we can tolerate the devil in ways unfathomable from noon Sunday, to sunset Saturday. Then early Sunday morning we play the holier ‘than thou’ hastening kids, wives to church for the Holy Communion, no offence but it’s been happening unhindered. Funny no one ever notes that the bible is totally against alcoholism…but again…clergy will say “a little wine for your stomach’s sake” forgetting that the message was directed to one ailing person…