A Fading Society-Reflections of lost hope

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My worry is the war against prostitution and gay relations. Once it hits the aisles. Our clergy who have been noted to cast down their ‘calling’ in support of political wars, campaigns or having themselves plunge into the political turmoil for fame and ‘congregatory measure’ will with equal disregard for biblical teachings scramble and partition the masses held by the jaws of the devil not to salvation but some form of earthly purgatory. Weddings will happen. I bet even married men and women will be allowed to wed their gay ‘mpango wa kando’ before the presence of God. Prostitutes will be allowed business after church service. As long as what they drop in the coffers of the church is a reasonably good amount to ‘entice’ the presence and mercies of God.

What is happening? Our society in a span of less than 20yrs has disintegrated so fast down the lane of doom. No one wants to get married today. Those in marriages are opting out. Women are sleeping with their in-laws and proud. Marriage is being portrayed as an obstacle to success and fun. Every young lady has the dream of dating and eating from men or being a lesbian. Men are now the ravaging dogs of society. Hated by the very women they were purposed to live with. Homes are intolerable. Kids are suffering. Our society is even more crumbling down. At the same rate, what disaster can we avert? What kind of society are children growing to?

The very setting of society-family-is being torn apart and we all play dumb.

At the very end, such wars can only be defined as personal. At some point you lost care. At some point, you gave up. At some point you swallowed far more than you could chew. And we left to count the losses. It’s a pity that no one stands out to count them. Our reason is lost to passion. Our conscience is cast down. Desires have overtaken our lives. No longer do we pursue life but fun. The ‘godliness’ installed upon us has been taken away. The part of us that defines right and wrong has been eroded by lust. We no longer are driven by love but power. The power to dominate our desires. The power to conquer all forms of satisfaction. The power to rule over lust. The only power only the devil possesses.

Churches have become numerical institutions for collecting tax free payments to ease the guilt in our minds.  Institutions to finance the lavish lifestyles the ‘called’ few explore. Institutions to find vulnerable individuals for our sexcapades. Institutions to meet and organize political alliances. Institutions to pass time as we wait for another eventful night.

Unfortunately we all, clergy and laymen alike have forgotten a reality that will haunt us one day. That no matter how many alterations we make to the word of God, the original context shall remain to judge. HE adds not what we add; He omits not what we omit. Religion has never and never shall it ever be a democratic institution as far as the commandments go. We either obey or not. That we sanction certain ills to accommodate the majority into the church does not make the said ills holistic.

The law of God shall remain in its purity whether one person shall believe or a million refute

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