A Message of Peace to All Kenyans

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THE STREETS ARE NOT THE SOLUTION.In TUNISIA,it started on 18th December 2010. A hawker,Mohammed Boauzizi,doused himself in petrol and ignited the Revolution. TUNISIA flared up! Riots filled the streets! There was death in the streets,blood shed,rape and violence. There were screams ,fire and gunshots for a whole Month. On January,2011,their President,BEN ALI,fled the country to exile. They appointed Mohammed Ghannouchi and,within a month,they started rioting and protesting in the streets again. Against Mohammed. It destroyed TUNISIA totaly. Their national stock market fell for 3 days…they suffered from High unemployment,prison overflow,poor living conditions,internal refugees and a humanitarian crisis. And,UNTIL TODAY,Tunisians ARE stil protesting in the streets! So,DO STREETS HELP SOLVE ISSUES? NO.In EGYPT,It started on 25th January 2011. Egyptians hit the streets. There was blood,death,tears and gunshots daily. Property was destroyed,women raped,churches burnt and the economy collapsed. And on 11th February,HOSNI MUBARAK,quit the presidency. They celebrated. And appointed MOHAMMED MORSI as President. But MORSI changed the constitution,gave himself great powers,insulted the people,made himself a Pharaoh and a dictator. The Protests began again. In the streets. Nothng changed. And,UNTIL TODAY,EGYPTIANS are in the streets protesting. Two years down the line. So,DO STREETS SOLVE PROBLEMS? NO.In LIBYA,It started on 15th February 2011. The streets of Tripoli and Benghazi were on fire. People died. Women were raped. Blood was shed. There was total madness,ethnic cleansing and trouble. And on,23rd October,with the help of NATO,they killed MUAMMAR GADDAFI. They celebrated. BUT just a month later,they hit the streets again. Protesting the new government. More deaths.More trouble. LIBYA was totaly destroyed. 50,000 people were killed. Yet NOTHNG changed. And,UNTIL TODAY,LIBYANS are in the streets fighting. Rebels are blowing up biuldings and killing children. So,DO THE STREETS HELP IN SOLVING ISSUES?? NO.In SYRIA,It started on 15th March 2011. Inspired by Egypt,the Syrians hit the streets. There were gunshots,rocket bombs,grenade attacks,tears,death,rape and destruction. Until today,SYRIANS are stil in the streets,fighting,protesting. The cities of Damascus,Homs and Allepo were totaly destroyed. They were turned into Ghost Towns. President BASHAR AL-ASSAD refused to quit. SYRIA has NOW been destroyed FOREVER. Almost Everyone is DEAD. Cities are gone. Children are gone. The country is almost totaly destroyed. And,UNTIL TODAY,weak SYRIANS are in the streets fighting. BUT NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Nothing! So,DO STREETS HELP IN SOLVING POLITICAL ISSUES?? NO. NEVER!Kenyans,I urge You in the Name of God/Allah/Mungu/Nyasaye/Ngai/Mulungu/Enkai….DO NOT HIT THE STREETS no matter what happens after March 4th.Whether Your candidate wins or NOT,Whether they steal Or NOT,Whether they rig or NOT,Whether its fair Or NOT,Whether the losers concede defeat or NOT,I Ask You, please;Lets stay away from THE STREETS.THE STREETS didnt solve the issues of Libya,Syria or Egypt. Instead,THE STREETS totaly destroyed those countries.FOREVER.SAY NO to THE STREETS.Stay at HOME. Stay SAFE. Stay ALIVE.Let the courts do THEIR JOB.No matter what happens,AVOID THE STREETS.May God/Allah be with You All.Amen/Amin.

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