A “Standard” Prayer For The Pope’s Visit To Kenya That ALL Catholics To Recite

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In preparation for Pope Francis’ visit to Kenya, The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has released a prayer for the voyage to Kenya to be recited by all the Catholic faithful in the Country.

According to Archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth, the Archdiocese of Kisumu is already praying for the ‘Holy Father’s’ visit and is using the prayer as they plan for a Day of Prayer to ensure that Pope Francis’ much-anticipated visit is successful.

Archbishop Okoth says that Pope’s visit to Kenya is an occasion to promote the apostolate of the family and a blessing to the country.

At the Kenya Catholic Secretariat, staff members lead by the KCCB General Secretary, Very Rev. Daniel Rono are also using the prayer during the weekly Holy Mass celebrated every Wednesday.


Below is the Prayer:

Pope Visits Kenya

Our Prayer

Almighty and ever living father, You chose your servant Pope Francis as the successor of Apostle Peter and Shepard of your flock.

Look favourably, we pray, on his pastoral visit to our nation Kenya. Inspire us to receive him well.

May your Holy Spirit enlighten our minds and hearts to be generous and receptive to his message and encouragement.

Grant that he may be for us, your people, a visible bond of unity which brings healing and reconciliation, love and peace; So that in you, the Shepard of Souls, all may know the truth and attain eternal life.


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