Abortion Clinic Owner: “The Jesus I Was Taught Would Hold Women’s Hands” as They Abort Their Baby

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Hagstrom Miller, who runs an abortion business chain in Texas, challenged the 2013 state law that protects women’s health and welfare by requiring abortion clinics to meet the kinds of medical and safety standards that legitimate medical centers meet. The law is arguably responsible for saving the lives of tens of thousands of unborn babies by closing abortion clinics that are unable to protect women’s health.

Ahead of the high court hearing on the case Wednesday, Hagstrom Miller talked about her abortion businesses and her reasons for challenging the law in an interview at AlterNet. She told pro-abortion writer Valerie Tarico:

I was raised in a liberal Christian tradition, and I come to the work because of that background, not in spite of it. The Jesus that I was taught about would be holding the hands of women inside the clinic; he wouldn’t be screaming at them. Acting on Christian principles is holding the hands of people at difficult times in their lives, and being supportive and nonjudgmental and kind. That is very much what we bring to the work. I don’t know how to say it more clearly than that.

Hagstrom Miller made the usual pro-abortion claims against the law: that it restricts women’s access to abortion, that women need abortions, that pro-lifers don’t care about women and that abortion advocates like herself do. Read More

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