Accept Homosexuality Or Go Back When The Cavemen Ruled Pacquiao Is Told

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Ladlad—the national organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Filipinos—has condemned the statement of Rep. Manny Pacquiao on same-sex marriage. The organization supports the rights of LGBTs to form consensual, same-sex relationships that lead to domestic partnership or even to same-sex marriage. 

Rep. Pacquiao who is a staunch Christian, is running for a precious seat in the Senate. In a statement, he apparently said that animals are better because males of the species sniff and have sex only with females of the species. The organization however contends that homosexuality is found in all forms of creation—from plants to animals, and even to people. To them, this goes to show that homosexuality is part of nature, and not some repulsive idea that the “fundamentalist” mind of Pacquiao finds perverse.

Funny that in this particular scenario, God also has a ‘fundamentalist mind and calls it an abomination.

They finished their statement saying his advisers—and Rep. Pacquiao himself—should bone up on LGBT issues that are becoming more important as the 21st century unfolds. Otherwise, they would be left behind in the Dark Ages, when the cavemen ruled, and the numbskulls roamed the earth.

Seems the idea that homosexuality is tied to the same stupidity of the false myth of evolution where scientists contend that man is a series of mistakes and coalitions of objects over a course of millions of years.

It is in this deduction that the LGBT organization states that Pacquiao should go back to, to not find homosexuality. Kind of stupid for them to allege that homosexuality is in animals and plants yet quote a time period in history where they assume there is no homosexuality.

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