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In sharing/witnessing to a friend yesterday, resulted in harsh words, later to be rejected by being “unfriended”. There have been some of you who have sent comforting remarks but while it succors the pain it does not change the situation. I am coming to understand this, more and more, what “witnessing” truly means.

It appears, to me, Adventists have a most unique calling. Our commission in Acts 1:8 takes on a twofold mission:

(1) We are to witness to the world who does not know, and

(2) We are to witness to those who are in the church, who does not know!

Think about it, a nominal (Sunday keeper) may witness to the world but their faith is so common and accepted among other faiths with little difference, to them, it doesn’t make a difference! However, we who share the Third Angel’s message cannot make that claim. Our mission is to warn the world of the pending and imminent danger and also the “fallen” church(es) that where they are is not a place of safety!

The Bible likens the soon coming of Christ as compared to Noah. We never consider what Noah had to go through. Noah was the ONLY one given a message of pending doom. His first mission was to reach his family. Do you possibly think his first sharing with them received immediate positive response? I hardly think so. In fact, his sons who were married, wives still had family. Don’t you think those parents tried to talk “sense” into their daughter’s minds, who were convinced after their husbands, Noah’s sons, became convinced? How about Noah’s wife? These women have minds, too! So, Noah’s first mission was to minister to his family, then his extended family and then those who fellowshipped with him and later but not least important, to the remaining members of the human race. And who made it onboard? Only his family! Should we expect any different?

My friends number increased rapidly in the last month but something strange is taking place, that number is beginning to decrease. The message of salvation which I share is not a popular one. In fact, it hurts those who cannot accept the message. Think of the many times when Christ would see someone turn their back and walk away and Him knowing the next time He would see them would be on that Day when He returns to exact judgment on the earth. How sorrowful was His appearance but He had to move on. There was someone else who needed reaching. So, consequently, I have had to take a lesson from this.

A public apology is called for: “I’m sorry if what I share is offensive and causes you discomfort. I’m sorry I will not and cannot preach/witness a message of comfort and ‘everything is going to be alright’. I cannot let a message of “love” supersede the reality of truth. While in fact it is done in “love”, but first to Christ and then for you, but I won’t stand idly by and watch you go unknowingly, unwarned into eternal loss when you’re thinking you’re headed toward eternal salvation. I’m uncomfortable telling it to you, but the discomfort I feel now is nothing compared to what I would feel knowing this truth and not telling you.”

In other words, I make no excuses. The witnessing continues…

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