End times headlinesAdventist Church, Where We Are Going Wrong

Adventist Church, Where We Are Going Wrong


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Although I will not dare compare Sabbath worship in my country and several other countries across the world, there is something we all can agree here, our Sabbaths are becoming more of the world than of heaven.

Whereas many of the changes can be attributed to technological advancements, these should not have in the first placed gotten into our minds.

So everyone can afford a Smart phone and yeah, Bibles and Sabbath School lessons are free downloads on Android, Apple and Windows Store, these do not mean that we now stop carrying writing materials to church. The Sabbath has always been the best school to study the bible and it has always been amazing to see Adventists opening their bibles alongside the preacher and taking notes.

Now our phones, ipads and laptops are fast eroding this culture away and whereas it should be applauded, phones have continually proven not to be the best companions when you need to have a private time with God. Constant distractions from incoming calls, messages and pending updates simply keep pulling your mind back to the world. And even when you claim you will set your phone in silent mode, the distractions will keep pulling you back.

Every minute you will be thinking of a call you need to return, a text message to reply, an application to update, a news item you are missing on and before you know it, your mind has swayed from prayer, from worship and is busy on the pads of your phone.

Our music too has been taken over by the world. From those days when Music was appealing to worship, our choirs now have some ‘great background beats’ from reggae, techno to soul. Slowing down the beats per minute does not change it. We have now styled our music to the world and are dancing to the same tune that the world is.

Whereas we stand at a moral high ground condemning all the dancing in protestant churches, ours is a curve in progress that is unabated. Our wedding functions have fully integrated this music as part of the ceremony and church elders will be seen silent to this. We try to throw the responsibility back to the church leadership yet we have failed to put a strong foot down to the youths of the church.

In fear of a mass exodus by the youths, or having to be seen as a ‘stern’ church official, we have swallowed this in silence to even having a speaker go silent to allow for the tip toes of a lady in high heels and a miniskirt who is obviously late for the sermon to find a place to seat. Our youths’ dressing code leaves a lot to be desired. Some youths find the audacity to dress casually in torn jeans and T-shirts to Church with ladies having extra tight extra short extra revealing clothes to church.

Any rebuke leaves a trail of insults, hatred and blood blood inside the church of God. It seems we have dragged the Adventist Church into a “come as you are, stay as you are’ kind of market not church.

Every year we contribute for evangelism and send out our best ‘speakers’ and bible teachers to spread the gospel of God eyt we still leave an ill in our churches to spread it’s branches across. Our choirs have been tainted irrevocably as we preach about the pedophilia priests in the catholic church.

Our leadership succession in churches has been politicized and in some regions made of ethnic blocks that will always be in church leadership oscillating between certain positions. We are making the Adventist church weaker by the day leaving a worrying trend on what kind of pieces we are leaving behind.

It is time the Church leadership, right from you as a member of the church, right to the very top that we re-look passionately at how we stood aside from the world. It is time we take an even deeper look at the church today and understand where we have gone wrong. And from there, start making amends.

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