Adventist Supreme Court Justice Maraga To Hear Presidential Petition After Sabbath Hours

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The Supreme Court will hold pre-trial conference on  Raila Odinga’s presidential petition on Saturday.

A notice from the office of the registrar said the conference will start at 7pm.

“Kindly note that all counsel appearing before the court should be fully robed,” reads the notice signed by Registrar of the Supreme Court Esther Nyaiyaki.

The aim of the conference is to set the rules of engagement: to identify the real issues in dispute, to consider in advance issues relating to any arguments, regarding the admissibility of any documentary, technical, expert, pre-recorded, digital or electronic evidence— including confessions and video, or audio-recorded interviews.

The conference is also used to determine the length of time each party will use to make submissions and/or rebut any evidence that is presented during the hearing.

Kenya’s Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court is Adventist Church Elder David Maraga. During his interview last year, he had caused a storm by stating that even in a presidential petition, he will not break the Sabbath. 

Kenya on August 8th went to the polls in an election that has been manned by Adventist elders. The man in charge of security is elder Matiang’i who was promoted to the post after the previous CS Nkaissery collapsed and died days to the polls.

The elections body chairman is another Adventist elder Chiloba. In his contest at the Supreme Court, Raila Odinga states that the government in collusion with the IEBC faked entire elections results and the security forces were thereafter used to supress and intimidate his supporters in situations that were tragic with more than 24 people being reported dead.

His contest challenges the words of these Adventist elders. Elder Matiang’i denies that police attacked and killed any innocent persons and that those confronted were violent criminals.

Elder Chiloba as part of the IEBC insist that the results they relayed are actually a true representation of the will of the people.

It is left to Elder Maraga to play the Solomon card and decide based on evidence before him and the other judges on which party is stating the truth.;

Earlier, it had been feared that Elder Maraga seating on a Sabbath would be a bad sign. The timing of the Supeme Court pretrial scheduled to start at 7pm could be a good sign?

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