AG orders SDA church society to conduct elections in 60 days

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The office of the Attorney General has directed the SDA Church of East African Union to hold elections within 60 days.

Deputy registrar of societies Anne Mwangi issued the directive on November 17.

The society has been involved in a 10-year battle over the legitimacy of officials Paul Muasya (executive director), Samuel Makori (executive secretary), Kepha Pondi (treasurer) and Brown Kitur (assistant treasurer), appointed in 2006.

The society is required to submit returns by January 11, 2017.

The SDA union constitution provides that election of new officials be held every five years.

When the officials’ term expired, they reportedly created another branch the SDA West Africa Union and appointed other officials, without amending the constitution, a move that has been faulted by the registrar.

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