Amazon’s plans to put a camera and microphone in every BEDROOM

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Amazon wants to put a camera and microphone in your bedroom with the UK launch of its latest Echo home device.

The camera on the £119.99 ($129) Echo Spot, which doubles up as a ‘smart alarm’, will probably be facing directly at the user’s bed.

The device, which is already available in the US has such sophisticated microphones it can hear people talking from across the room – even if music is playing.

However, there remain privacy concerns over using such a device in the home.

Amazon devices have previously activated when they’re not wanted meaning this small device could turn into a potential spy.

It is the latest edition to the tech giant’s family of devices and is as usual powered by virtual assistant Alexa.

Although the camera on the Echo Spot is primarily used to facilitate video calling, it could be hacked and used for malicious purposes, writes The Verge.

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