America Sends Supersonic Nuclear Jets to Korea To Scare-Off Deranged Kim Jong-un

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America sent two B-1B Lancer strategic bombers on a flight over their allies South Korea as tensions mount in the region following the North Korean dictator’s underground test.

The fearsome aircraft made their journey amid claims by deranged despot Kim Jong-un that he is ready to conduct yet another nuclear test, just days after he ordered one that was so large it caused a 5.6 magnitude earthquake.

The fighter jets, which can carry a larger payload of guided and unguided weapons than any other aircraft in the US Air Force’s arsenal, conducted a low-altitude flight over the Osan Air Base in South Korea – which is just 48 miles from the “Demilitarised Zone” border with the North.


General Vincent Brooks, commander of the 28,500 US troops stationed in South Korea, watched the show of aerial show of force alongside his South Korean counterpart General Lee Sun-jin.

General Brooks said: ”Today’s demonstration provides just one example of the full range of military capabilities in the deep resources of this strong alliance to provide and strengthen extended deterrence.”

Kim Jong-un mocked threats of further United Nations sanctions and committed to continuing to expand his military firepower, prompting America’s to demand a swift and strong response to Pyongyang’s actions. Read Full

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