An Ex Adventist Has Some Tough Questions For Ben Carson And The US Presidency

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In this photo taken Oct. 28, 2015, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson discusses faith during an exclusive interview with The Associated Press at a hotel in Broomfield, Colo. In a wide-ranging interview about his faith with The Associated Press, Ben Carson expressed pride in his little-known Seventh-day Adventist church, but also sought some distance from it, framing his beliefs in the broadest Christian terms as his surging campaign prompts scrutiny of his religion.(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

In an article on mashable, an ex Adventist penned what he termed his opinion regarding Dr. Ben Carson’s faith and decision to run for the Republican Nomination for president of the United States.

His article is full of ambiguity and an understanding of someone who was not an Adventist by faith but by association. According to him, ” Seventh-Day Adventist is a small but diverse church that tends to isolate itself from mainstream Christianity and the rest of the United States.”

See, that in itself is simply not true. For Adventists like myself, I would not go with the word “isolate”.  If other faiths would rise up to accept the bible without their human traditions, we would be walking from literally the same page.

  • Here are some questions he wants answered…
  • How do you observe the Sabbath? Would that change how you tackled the job of being president?
  • Do you believe that the United States will follow a Biblical prophecy that according to Adventists, believes the United States will “speak like a dragon” and persecute Adventists, aligning with the Catholic Church to force Sunday church attendance?
  • Do you believe that the office of the pope is, in fact, the Antichrist? How would this affect your relations with American Catholics and the Vatican?
  • How does church doctrine affect your view of women’s roles in modern life, especially on a Carson White House staff?
  • How would your belief in creationism affect education policy and your administration’s science policy?

Well it seems all Adventists need to answer these questions.

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