Anglicans Now Support Gay Marriages – Get Out of Her My People

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More Anglicans in England support gay and lesbian couples marrying than oppose it, a poll has suggested for the first time.

Of more than 1,500 Anglicans polled, 45% said same-sex marriage was right while 37% thought it was wrong.

The Yougov poll also indicates a large increase in support of same-sex marriage over the past three years.

The Church of England’s official stance is that marriage can be only between a man and a woman.

Three years ago, a similar YouGov poll found 38% of Anglicans in support and 47% believing same-sex marriage to be wrong.

In the latest poll, support was highest among younger Anglicans, with at least half of those aged under 55 believing it was right and 72% of those aged 25-34 also in favour.

The lowest support rate was found in Anglican men aged over 55, with 24% backing same-sex marriage. Full report on BBC

The God that said He Never changes. The God that created us and said it is an abomination for man to sleep with man. The God that rested on the 7th day and commanded we all rest on the 7th day.

A whole world was destroyed because man wanted to sleep with man. Because man did not want to observe the Sabbath. Because man wanted to have a small idol with him to keep away imaginary ghosts. God destroyed a whole world.

Do you really think the same God will accept humiliation, insults, ridicule and death so you can sleep with anyone you want? Or go to church when you want? We have seen on Facebook videos of public lynches. recently in South Africa we saw people burn a man a live.
Christ was frog matched, beating worse than a thief with flesh piercing hooks, then taken to the most public place and nailed by some corrupt soldiers.

Please wake up before it is too late. Don’t think we have tall towers and massive ships and all these technologies that we have become ‘more’ intelligent and special to God. It will take just a second for God to crush this world. It only took his word to create it. So God can just have an impromptu meeting and decide today is the day. Let us go clean the world.

Remember, no one knows the day nor the hour of His coming.


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