ANTICHRIST: Pope Decrees that Priests can ‘Absolve sins’ of Women who have Aborted

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Pope Francis has decreed that priests may absolve women of the “sin of a procured abortion” during Holy Year next year.

In Catholic teaching, it is normally only bishops or the Pope himself who may absolve the faithful of the sin of abortion, which leads to excommunication from the Church.

The announcement of the new measure was made in the Vatican by Archbishop Rino Fisichella, the president of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelisation and the Pope’s point man on the organisation of Holy Year.

“The missionaries of mercy are priests sent out by the Holy Father at the beginning of Lent. The Pope is sending them out [to dioceses and parishes] as a tangible sign of how a priest should be a man of pardon, close to everyone…”

In the Papal Bull in which Pope Francis last month announced the Holy Year, which runs from December 8th, 2015 to November 20th, 2016, he had already stated he would transfer the “authority” to pardon so called “reserved” sins, normally only forgiven by local bishops, the Holy See or the Pope himself.

He said: “Regardless of this decision by the Pope, the church will continue to consider abortion a sin. I hope it does not cause confusion.”

Absolving sin is a job that only God can do. Jesus told us to pray to ‘our Father who art in heaven’ and ask Him to forgive our sins. Yet the pope and the Papal church usurps the power that only God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord has. And the Bible reveals this as ‘antichrist’ and ‘man of sin’.

The pope ‘extends his power of forgiveness’ to the priests? What power? This man has no more power on earth than a common sinner! Oh friends, please open your eyes to this antichrist system. God is calling His people out of Babylon and her harlot churches (Rev.18:4). Please heed the call before it’s too late.a

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