Arizona Conference Issues Statement On Bisexual ‘Pastor’ Says Church Must Appreciate and Respect Her

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This letter regarding Pastor Alicia Johnston was sent out yesterday to Arizona Conference pastors, Ex-com members and staff.

The letter is in response to Pastor Alicia trending video in which she ‘comes out’ as gay. The video was uploaded to Facebook on Sabbath.

Notice that the Arizona Conference refers to Alicia Johnston as “a gifted theologian and pastor.”  There is no indication in the letter whether this woman has been or will be disfellowshipped.  The Church Manual requires a member to be disfellowshipped for unrepentant public moral sin, under the term apostasy.

This letter states that Alicia still has a ‘ministry’ and encourages her to continue to seek God’s will in her life.   We understand that the Arizona Conference is trying to put the best spin possible on this repulsive story, but it is strange credulity to suggest that lesbianism (bisexual lifestyle), God’s will & ‘ministry’ can simultaneously co-exist– unless one is seeking to minister sin to others.

Alicia could have a great ministry if she biblically resolves her sinful lifestyle choices and uses true moral freedom to help others resolve homosexuality.  Coming Out Ministries is an example of this kind of inspiring victory.

The Bible teaches this kind of freedom:  “And such were some of you” (1 Corinthians 6:11).

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