Most Armed Man In America Has 3000 Guns At Home

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In a country where it is believed there are two guns for every resident – one pistol-packing American is doing his bit to bump up the averages.

Mel Bernstein – known as the Dragon Man – has earned the title the ‘most armed man in the US’ and has a frightening 3,000 weapons in his collection – and that doesn’t include the tanks.

Mel Bernstein, who earned his nickname thanks to his flamethrower-rigged motorbike, has now  given a tour inside his vast private military museum known as Dragon Land.

The gun lover’s paradise in El Paso County, Colorado, boasts a firing range, paint-ball course, 80 military vehicles and a store licensed to sell automatic weapons.

In total, the collector has 3,000 working weapons ranging from samurai swords to bazookas.

With snake tattoos covering his arms, the biker doesn’t seem to care what society thinks about his mind-blowing collection which is worth more than £8million.

“Today we’re going to explain why they call me the most armed man in America,” Mr Bernstein said in his weapons tour video.

Directing the camera to a room packed with hundreds of firearms, he said: “Look at these machine guns, everything works, fully operational.

“I have almost 200 of them in my name. I don’t think anyone in the US has that many guns in their name.

“I have weapons so big I can’t even shoot them.” Full Report

Is this what it takes to be safe in America?


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