Aspiring Pastor Slashed His Sunday School Teacher Wife 123 Times But Can’t Remember Doing It

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An aspiring pastor says he woke up to find his wife covered in blood and a knife in his hand.

Matthew Phelps says he had cold medicine in his system at the time of the murder and thought it was a dream.

Officials report he stabbed her more than 123 times.

“I took more medicine than I should have,” he said, according to People. “I took Coricidin Cough and Cold because I know it can make you feel good. A lot of times I can’t sleep at night. So, I took some.”

Phelps told a 911 operator: “I have blood all over me and there’s a bloody knife on the bed, and I think I did it. I can’t believe this,” according to an ABC affiliate.

“Oh, my God! She didn’t deserve this. I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this,” Phelps said. “I’m so scared.”

Phelps allegedly murdered Lauren in September. An autopsy reveals Lauren had 24 stab wounds and 20 cuts to her head and neck, 13 stab wounds and 11 cuts to her torso, 16 cuts and one stab wound on her right arm and 35 cuts and three stab wounds to her left arm.

People reports a friend says Phelps was studying to be a pastor, and had attended Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. His wife, Lauren Hugelmaier, was a prolific youth and children’s ministry volunteer.

The couple was married for less than a year.

Hugelmaier and Phelps initially met in middle school, but found each other on Instagram in recent years.

Several people have donated and offered words of encouragement on a YouCaring page set up to help Hugelmaier’s family.

“Our prayers are with you and your family. Your Scentsy family will always remember you. We love you,” one person posted.

Another writes: “I only knew Lauren for a few months but she was an incredible person. No one deserves to endure what she went through, a true tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.”

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