Atlanta Considering Citywide Curfew And Mobilizing National Guard Over Anti-Police ‘Protests’

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Another protest is being organized in Atlanta on Monday night, but instead of a downtown rally, protesters plan to converge on the Buckhead community.

Atlanta police and Mayor Kasim Reed held a news conference Monday morning to discuss plans for the event as well as the marches and protests over the weekend.

Police officers have worked 6,000 hours of overtime so far, according to estimates.
The mayor didn’t have a dollar figure for tax money spent on extra police patrols, but said he is working to figure that out.
Reed said officers are exhausted, but they will continue working 12-hour shifts as long as the protests last.
Over the weekend, 15,000 protesters attended events over four days. Around 15 people were arrested.
“In some cases they have had water bottles thrown at them and insults and profanities shouted at them repeatedly for hours on end, yet they have remained calm and professional,” Reed said.
He said that after this week, officials will reassess to see where they are in terms of manpower. He said calling in the National Guard isn’t out of the question.
The mayor said he and Police Chief George Turner will sit down and seriously consider a curfew.

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