Sunday DeceptionAuthor’s Blasphemous Claim: Jesus was Transgender and Eve was...

Author’s Blasphemous Claim: Jesus was Transgender and Eve was Transgender


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Individuals go to any lengths to justify the sins that they cherish in their lives and even misuse the Bible to support their claims. A May 18 article was released by the Huffington Post that crossed the line in blaspheming God’s name and character by sacrilegiously making the bold assertion that Jesus was a transgender man. So wicked and absurd is the author’s reasoning that I will not even attempt to explain the author’s position. She begins her argument by bashing conservative Christians, the worst of which in her estimation are those who take the Bible literally. However she argues that those taking the Bible literally really do not because if they did they would accept the fact that both Eve and Jesus were transgender– Eve being the fist transgender female and Jesus being the first transgender male. Again, what blasphemy! In an attempt to encourage tolerance for the transgender community, the author displays vehement intolerance to those Christians who stand by the Bible’s position regarding the LGBT community.

The author’s heretical and nonsensical reasoning is as follows: “Let’s take a look at what the Bible and Christianity tell us. The teaching of the church from ancient days through today is that Jesus received his fleshly self from Mary. The church also teaches that Jesus is the new Adam, born of the new Eve. Now Eve is a fascinating creature for many reasons. The Bible tells us she is the first example of human cloning, which I touched on in this post. But the fun doesn’t stop there. If we take the Genesis account in it’s literal meaning, as conservative Christians demand that we do, she is also the first case of a transgender woman. God reached into Adam, pulled out a bit of rib bone, and grew Eve from that XY DNA into Adam’s companion. She was created genetically male, and yet trans-formed into woman. Then along comes Jesus and the whole pattern is both repeated and reversed. The first couple’s refusal to cooperate is turned around by Mary’s yes, and the second act of cloning occurs. The Holy Spirit comes upon the second Eve, and the child takes flesh from her and is born. Born of her flesh. Born with XX chromosome pairing. Born genetically female, and yet trans-formed into man.”1

The author then takes it a step further by applying her false reasoning to the contentious public restroom issue by stating “if Jesus and Eve were walking around today, perhaps shopping at the mall for a Father’s Day gift, they’d have to swap restrooms. Now Jesus could surely manage to finesse his way around a woman’s room, but poor Eve…”2

She concludes her article by reiterating “In his person, and in his salvific actions, Jesus is truly the first and forever trans man.”3

It is clear that the author is inspired, not by the Holy Spirit, but by the spirit of devils as she is clearly contradicting God’s Words and is adding to the words, which will warrant her the plagues if she does not repent. (Revelation 22:18). Furthermore, there is a fearful woe upon the author as she is calling “good” “evil” and “evil” “good” (Isaiah 50:2).

As painful as this is to read for Christians who truly love and serve God, imagine how Christ and the Father must be grieving, that the character and image of God is being so disgustingly misrepresented, all the while the adversary, Satan, is exulting. This false reasoning minimizes both Christ’s divinity and humanity and nullifies the ministry and sacrifice of Christ. The implication of such a theory is that all people should follow this example (the example of Christ) and become transgender or at the very least be supportive of those who are. It is hard to imagine that a person’s mind could become so utterly degenerate that it could conjure up such thoughts and at the same time claim that the Bible supports this blasphemy. Yet this should not be too surprising considering the warning and prophecy given in Romans 1:28, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.” It is evident that the fullness of time has come, not for Christ’s first advent but His second as the condition of man’s depravity can seem to go no lower as it was during the time of His first appearing.

“The deception of sin had reached its height. All the agencies for depraving the souls of men had been put in operation. The Son of God, looking upon the world, beheld suffering and misery. With pity He saw how men had become victims of satanic cruelty. He looked with compassion upon those who were being corrupted, murdered, and lost. They had chosen a ruler who chained them to his car as captives. Bewildered and deceived, they were moving on in gloomy procession toward eternal ruin,–to death in which is no hope of life, toward night to which comes no morning. Satanic agencies were incorporated with men. The bodies of human beings, made for the dwelling place of God, had become the habitation of demons. The senses, the nerves, the passions, the organs of men, were worked by supernatural agencies in the indulgence of the vilest lust. The very stamp of demons was impressed upon the countenances of men. Human faces reflected the expression of the legions of evil with which they were possessed. Such was the prospect upon which the world’s Redeemer looked. What a spectacle for Infinite Purity to behold!”4

When divine miracles and God’s supernatural dealings as manifested in Eve’s creation and Jesus’ birth are subjected to human logic and philosophy, the only result can be a mass of confusion and error. One cannot explain God and His works; God cannot be confined to man’s understanding of science and set laws of nature. Additionally the author does not even present any “evidence” or “facts” while trying to sound “scientific” in discussing the genetic chromosomal makeup of both Eve and Jesus. Has the author forgotten the words of Isaiah 55:8 and 9? “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

We are to take the Bible as it reads and not twist the scriptures to suit our lifestyle or justify sin. If a person wants to live in sin and encourage others to do so, such a one does not need the Bible to do that. However, Satan uses whatever guise is necessary to work his deception and entrap souls in sin until there is no escape and especially in the last days will he come as an angel of light. May we use our God-given time and mental ability to fortify our minds with the truth, so that when Satan (mis)uses the word of God as he did with Even in the Garden of Eden through the medium of the serpent, and Christ in the wilderness of temptation, we can meet his sophistries with a plain “It is written!” “Thus saith the Lord!”

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