Avoid Gluttony

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Some do not exercise control over their appetites, but indulge taste at the expense of health. As the result, the brain is clouded, their thoughts are sluggish, and they fail to accomplish what they might if they were self-denying and abstemious. These rob God of the physical and mental strength which might be devoted to His service if temperance were observed in all things…. Counsels On Health 71.1

The word of God places the sin of gluttony in the same catalogue with drunkenness. So offensive was this sin in the sight of God that He gave directions to Moses that a child who would not be restrained on the point of appetite, but would gorge himself with anything his taste might crave, should be brought by his parents before the rulers in Israel and should be stoned to death. The condition of the glutton was considered hopeless.He would be of no use to others and was a curse to himself. No dependence could be placed upon him in anything. His influence would be ever contaminating others, and the world would be better without such a character for his terrible defects would be perpetuated. CH 71.2

None who have a sense of their accountability to God will allow the animal propensities to control reason. Those who do this are not Christians, whoever they may be and however exalted their profession.The injunction of Christ is, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”Matthew 5:48. He here shows us that we may be as perfect in our sphere as God is in His sphere.—Testimonies for the Church 4:454, 455 (1880). CH 71.3


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