BABYLON! Couple Makes History As First Transgender Parents In South America

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A transgender couple from Ecuador are set to make history when they become parents next year, believed to be the first pregnancy of its kind in South America.

Diane Rodriguez, 33, a prominent LGBT-activist, recently shared the news that her boyfriend Fernando Machado, 22, is pregnant with their son.

Ms Rodriguez and Mr Machado have been a couple since 2013 after first getting to know each other on social media.


Mr Fernando is born and raised in Venezuela, but moved to Ecuador to live with his girlfriend, and they are now believed to be the first transgender pair in the country to have a baby.

Rodriguez, who was born male, made headlines in his native country in 2013, when he became the first transgender candidate to run for Congress.

Mr Machado, born female, says the transition has been fully supported by her family.

But since they both have not undergone sex change surgery, technically these are just two confused adults. So the ‘man’ is pregnant by the woman. Seems like a nice little twist huh?

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