Berserk baptism: Priest loses it over screaming baby in Romania (VIDEO)

1 min

A disturbing video has emerged showing a priest nearly having a nervous breakdown while baptizing a baby in Romania. The man grabs the infant and brutally presses his hand against the mouth to make the child shut up, to little avail.

The priest could not hide his frustration over failure to calm the baby down. After several attempts to submerge the infant in the water, he finally lost his temper.

At one point, he says something to the baby’s parents, puts the child back on the table, and angrily jerks at his robe, prepared to give up on the entire ceremony.

The priest then decides to make one final attempt to baptize the screaming baby, roughly dunking the child underwater several times, showing little care for the baby’s well-being.

Orthodox baptism requires babies to be dipped in holy water from head to toe. The process is repeated three times.

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