Betty Bayo now denounces and ‘stones’ her husband

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I fail to comprehend however hard i try that Betty bayo had no clue her husband was using fake miracles. I want to believe there is more drama coming and the two were in on it.

A man can decieve so many people but you cannot lie to your own wife. Of course all she needed was a few nights of starving the idiot and he will go out confessing to her all the juicy stories.

Yet Bety now expects Kenyans to be forgiving of her ‘ignorance’ and this is more so cos her husbands ‘career’ for all intents and purposes is gone and she needs to save her musical career-note am using musical not gospel. You can’t go own robbing in the name of God and stillw alk with the Spirit of God.

On a message posted on her Facebook page, she has gone past the men and women who tried to stone the adulterous woman and stonned her husband.


The promise of in good and in bad for her is gone and she can no longer stand and dine ‘with the devil’. What a shame. The sad part is gullible Kenyans will still stand by her, trusting the ‘poor victim’ who was deceived by her husband to fake miracles. Kenyans will pray for her to ‘leave the yolk’ her husband had over her and ‘pray for her husband’ to become a true pastor.

So funny and stupid as it sounds. Men do not ordain themselves. You just do not wake up adn claim a Spirit of God upon you and start preaching Kingdom come! And a man like Victor-it will take the personal hand of God like Saul-for him to become Paul. This man, come Sunday he will still stand on the pulpit and lay claim that the journalists were send by the devil. That these are men ‘of the world’ out to discredit ‘the wrod of God’, men that Christ said ‘we should fight’ and stand against.

He will thus go far and claim he is ‘like Christ’ who was resisted, hated and killed ‘for the truth’. And Kenyans will cheer him own and his wife will come out and lay claim to some unforeseen ‘spirit’ that led her astray from her husband. She will attest to a now ‘prayerful family’ and a unit that ‘God put together and no man should put a part’. She will call on her ‘haters’ for fabricating ‘lies’ against her husband to damage his ‘holy calling’ and promote the ‘works of the devil’ and the saddest part, Kenyans will believe.

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