Beware of Naomi Njeri Maina(Ciru)-A criminal posing as househelp

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Naomi njeri maina(ciru)..plz help me trace her(if that is even her real name)

She came to my house on Monday evening pretending to be a house help. I picked her from an agent known to me after she assured me she knew her well, that she was from Nyahururu.blablabla.

So Tuesday I told her what job entailed. She dint bother doing any so i thought she was waiting for me to leave the house so she could start.

I left at around 2pm. Then tried calling her at 2.30pm to confirm if all was well. She dint pick so I sent my neighbour. Ciru did not open the door . Instead they spoke through the window.

She said she had left her phone in the bedroom. So I told her to keep it close cause I will be checking up on things.

After like 45mins Ciru called me and said ‘enda uangalie mtoto wako mi nimeenda

I tried askin her where she was and what she meant akanitusi. Luckily I was at Uchumi(Ronga) and my place is near a police station so in like 5 mins I was home.

I heard my 4.5mnths old gal crying. The front door was locked so I ran to the back door. It was wide open. I went to ‘Cirus’ bedroom.

I found my baby there wrapped in blankets with a polythene bag round her neck. Crazy woman had tried to suffocate my baby but she didn’t  tie it well so the baby managed to pull it down but she was distressed.

I took her to get checked her. She was ok. Stuff was missing from the house but luckily I had locked my bedroom.

I left my baby with a friend and went to report. That agent lady came down to the police station and denied to ever knowing her saying she came to her bureau looking for a job.

All the contacts she had given were fake. Non of the numbers exists. She is on voicemail herself. I hand not even taken her pic.

Help me find her before she does more damage. I learnt my lesson. I was desperate to go back to work. But now I know.

My baby comes first. No more bureaus. Though some of my friends have gotten nice nannies from the same bureau. Neighbours say that they saw her carryin the “baby”all wrapped up in a shawl.

They even told her tht my baby is never taken out of the gate na kama ni kuota jua she should not cover her like that.  She said she was going to buy some painkillers in the shops. Apparently that was my home theatre being sneaked out n there was some guy waiting.

She did several trips as i heard. But the neighbours did not follow up coz they were certain that that was my baby in there. I am stil traumatised. Nightmares..gosh. am afraid she is out there probably on the next victim already with the same documents. Tel ur friends about it and save an innocent baby from the psychopath.

Please be careful on these employment bureaus. Let them come with some testimonials. Take her photo or something to be able to trace them. I don’t know what else we can do to protect our children. Please in the comments share what you have done or can do to get a good house help or trace one.

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  1. There should be a system of vetting this bureaus and the said bureaus should have strict regulations to operate from including how they vet prospective helps before giving them out for employment