Beyoncé accidentally rips off earring and bleeds onstage, obsessed fans unify and ‘leak blood to restore her spirits’

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While Beyoncé was performing her song “Haunted” during Jay Z’s Tidal X benefit concert, her long braid apparently caught on one of her earrings and ripped it from her ear, leaving her bleeding and her ever-loyal Beyhive filled with worry.

Fans of the superstar swarmed Twitter to give their queen a shout-out for continuing on with her performance, but their show of support quickly turned graphic.

In the hours after the “Lemonade” performer’s injury the hashtags #CutForBeyonce and #BleedforBeyonce began surfacing on social media with members of the Hive allegedly cutting themselves in solidarity.

While many of the images paired with the hashtags are the stuff of memes and trolls, others were seemingly more graphic.

Beyonce has a fanatical following that actually worships her. Sometime back we reported of a Religion in her honor where she is some sort of god and her songs the doctrine.

She is even called Christ!

But there is a darker more scary secret with Beyonce’s lemonade song, one that people don’t seem to realize. Read here what her song Lemonade is really about.

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