Beyoncé Buys $850,000 Church in New Orleans Weeks After ‘Beyoncé Mass’ In Her Honor

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Pop star Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has reportedly bought her own church building in New Orleans, weeks following a controversial mass held in her honor at an Episcopal cathedral in San Francisco.

TMZ first reported of the purchase on Sunday, reporting that Knowles-Carter has bought a 7,500-sq. ft house of worship that was listed at a $850,000 price. The building, which was constructed in the early 1900s, had not been used for services “for some time” as its previous church membership had passed away.

New Orleans-based The Times-Picayune reported that a deal to purchase the property on Camp Street was made on May 11.

Orleans Parish records show that the Noble Jones Trust purchased the property, with the deal signed by Vernell Jackson Keys, who is a close friend of the Knowles family. Full report.

Fans of Beyonce have previously held religious services while venerating the pop singer. A religion was even set up with her songs being used in the same context as the Bible.

All false religions run counter to the commandments of God. Those who accept these religions have no inward purity and beauty. They depend on their position of authority to compel those who acknowledge God as their Creator and their Sovereign, to bow to human enactments without a question. They depend upon outward display, upon outward beauty, trusting to its subtle influence upon the senses. Ellen White Manuscripts Volume 12.


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