Bill Maher Attacks Ben Carson And The Seventh Day Adventist Faith

1 min

Bill Maher went after Ben Carson’s religion Seventh-day Adventism on his “Real Time” segment “New Rules” Friday night. But it wasn’t just the Seventh-day Adventist that were a target, it was all Christianity sects that according to him, deviate from the mainstream with curious beliefs.

Maher used the great disappointment of 1844 to throw vile at the Adventist church. “Spoiler alert,” Maher said. “He didn’t, which you’d think would have made the followers go, ‘Well, I guess that was a bunch of bullshit.’ It’s like believing in the Wizard of Oz, after Toto pulls back the curtain.”

Maher went on to allege that the “return” wasn’t the only distinctive deviation, the church also is “obsessed with the world ending.”

“They’re disappointed that the world still exists,” Maher said. “I don’t have to agree with a politician on everything. We can disagree on abortion, entitlements, paid sick leave, the earned income tax credit, but the earth staying is kind of a deal breaker for me … Politicians love to talk about fundamental differences. This is as fundamental as it gets, folks.”

It is unfortunately very sad that he took his platform to address a topic he neither understands nor thought it wise to base his arguments on the Bible. We pray that some day he may come to some understanding of the bible.

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