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Blair responsible for creation of Daesh: Analyst

Blair responsible for creation of Daesh: Analyst

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is responsible for the creation of Daesh (ISIL) and needs to be tried for war crimes against the people of Iraq, says a political analyst in London.

Hafsa Kara-Mustapha said the former British premier was deflecting responsibility for the 2003 devastating invasion he and then US President George W. Bush launched against Iraq which sent the whole country into a state of chaos.

“It is clear that Tony Blair refuses to take responsibility for his role in propping up and creating the atmosphere in which ISIS (Daesh) actually developed and came out,” Kara-Mustapha told Press TV on Tuesday, using another acronym for the terror group.

On Tuesday, Blair warned that the only way to defeat Daesh was via “a proper ground war” against the terror network, suggesting that the US-led aerial campaign, ongoing since 2014, was not enough.

“Do not be under any doubt at all. If we want to defeat these people we are going to have to wage a proper ground war against them,” he said.

Kara-Mustapha noted that by pitching the idea of a ground war as the only way to defeat the terror group, Blair was in fact trying to boost the Western military-industrial complex, “which obviously is relied on wars in order to generate more money.”

“So of course, more wars means more money diverted to the military, it means more money invested in arms and all these types of equipment with which Tony Blair is very much associated,” the analyst continued.

She described Blair’s proposal as “crass” and “alarming,” adding that the former prime minister should be put on trial for his role in “war crimes” that Western forces committed in Iraq.

Blair is set to be scrutinized by the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq invasion, for committing to the US war and failing to consult his cabinet more fully before ordering British troops to Iraq. The report will be published on July 6.