Boy, 13, with a ‘tail’ is revered as the reincarnation of a monkey god by Hindus in Indian village

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A teenage Muslim boy born with a one-and-a-half foot long ‘tail’ is revered by Hindus in an Indian village who see him as an incarnation of the monkey god Lord Hanuman.

Sohail Shah, 13, was born in a small village near Madhya Pradesh, central India with a patch of thick hair on his lower back that has grown long and matted together into a tail.

His strange growth has earned him the name of Bajrangi Bhaijan- or the God brother by the villagers.

He is so popular that people from far off villages flock to him every other day to be blessed.

They bring a bag full of fruits such as bananas and mangoes for Sohail in exchange for the blessings.

The schoolboy is also revered at school, particularly by teachers who never scold him in fear of upsetting the God.

It is unclear why the boy has developed the growth, but it is likely a result of a neural tube deformity.

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