BREAKING : More than 20 Children killed in Yemen airstrike [graphic images]

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Disturbing images of children killed in a presumed airstrike on a religious school in Saada, Yemen have filled the media. Various sources put the child death count at 10 to 50, scores are said to have been injured.

A video obtained by Ruptly shows numerous children with head, arm and leg wounds being carried away on stretchers with blood covered faces and bodies.

The video also provides still pictures of the bodies of children presumably killed, some with dismembered limbs and covered with dust.


There has been no official confirmation that the video portrays the exact aftermath of the alleged air strike on Saturday so far, however.

Al-Alam News Network and Iran’s Tasnim news agency said some 50 school children were killed in the alleged strike, while local sources put the number at 9.

RT Arabic sources say 20 students were killed, noting that an exam session was underway at the time of the strike.

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