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BREAKING NEWS: God & The Host Of Heaven Decide To Create ANOTHER SPECIES and A WORLD For Them


During a recent meeting that was Chaired by God and attended to by all the host of heaven, it was agreed that God will take it upon Himself with the full support of all the host of heaven, to create a different world with her own species to live in.

In the meeting, God hinted that the new species shall share the same likeness and image of the heavenly host. The whole project was given 6 days completion schedule with a seventh that God said He would  set a part as a commemoration of the creation throughout eternity.

The bigger difference between the people and the host of heaven would be in the planets they reside in. The people will be given a new home called earth. The earth, in designs seen, comes direct from God. In it, God has committed to creating the most perfect home befitting a family unit, another difference with the host of heaven.

These people will be able to procreate and starting with only two, God’s grand plan would see the whole earth populated by people. These people would be able to start families and take are of the creation of God.

Lucifer who was present at the meeting disagreed with the design proposals requesting that this new species instead be ordered to bow down to the host of heaven. According to Lucifer, this species lacked in beauty, talent, intelligence and raw power compared to the host of heaven and the fact that they are ‘younger’ being created after the host of heaven meant the species should be inferior.

During the meeting, he was given the chance by God to recant and repent those statements an offer he declined. God had made it clear that the new species should be loved and treated as equal to the host of heaven. God wanted to merge the love and fellowship of the host of heaven and people so that either can freely interact and share the love, joy and beauty of the creations of God.

Having rejected the call to repent, Lucifer was commanded to leave the presence of God together with approximately a third of the angels of God who had agreed with his position on worship.

As we look forward to the amazing creation that God has promised in 6 days, one thing we take home from what transpired, no other entity is to be worshiped but God and that before God, we are all His Children as long as we can abide by His rules.

Many angels that were interviewed seemed excited to see for the first time the creation of God that He has promised. They are excited to meeting with man and woman and sharing the love of God and the amazing future that God has for them.

Genesis 1