“Brother In Christ” Mistakenly Posts Graphic Words In A Whatsapp Prayer Group

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A Kenyan man had a rough start of the week when he was betrayed by a fellow “brother in Christ” who took screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation featuring Brother Ocholla and leaked it online.

The Whatsapp group which was ideally set up as a Prayercell in Embakasi was being used to share encouraging words, prayer requests forum and planning church functions etc.

It is not clear how many members were in the group but currently Whatsapp has a limit of 100 members per group.

The conversation at the time appeared to have been sending congratulatory messages to a couple in the group on what we would assume a marriage when Brother Ocholla mistakenly sent a message that probably was meant for a certain woman.


Unfortunately one of the brothers in the group leaked the conversation online something that became trending news in Kenya on Twitter and Facebook with Corporate companies joining in to offer brother Ocholla means of escape.

A lot of christians took the opportunity to state outright that most of the so called prayercells and choir groups are a secret society of promiscuity and sexual indulgence by the youth who are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This conversation also brought to face the character of Christians. Understanding that Ocholla did send the message to the “wrong group’  but  is it ok for Christians to flirt and send sexually explicit messages? It also brings to face the continuous struggle against the desires of the flesh and clearly means that with technology, all Christians must struggle the more to fight all forms of temptations.

In essence Ocholla’s message without ‘judging’ meant he was suggesting a sexual encounter with ‘this’ woman.

What are your thoughts?

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