Canadian Bible Camp Under Fire for Biblical Stance on Homosexuality

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A Bible camp in Canada is under fire for its stance on homosexuality, and one group is looking for another location to host its leadership event after the camp cancelled a “gay pride” speaker on its grounds.

Lake Ness Bible Camp, located in Prince George, is operated by the evangelical organization One Hope Canada, whose motto is “A passion for the gospel. A burden for Canada.” Hundreds of children and teens attend the camp each year to learn more about the Bible and to engage in recreational activities such as canoeing, paintball and ziplining.

The camp has policies for its rentals and require usage to be in line with the Christian values of the organization.

“I understand the purpose of Ness Lake Bible Camp as set forth in the Statement of Faith and the Mission Statement, and I confirm that the purpose of our organization is not in conflict with the camp’s purpose nor will it compromise the Statement of Faith by its actions or activities for the duration of our booking,” its rental agreement reads.

Last year, the Rotary Club of Prince George asked PG Pride Society President Stacey Hewlett to give a presentation on gender and sexuality during a youth award ceremony at the campground, but she was soon canceled by Lake Ness because of the subject matter.

The Club gave Hewlett the opportunity to speak on a different topic, but she declined. According to the Prince George Citizen, the Club also sought to convince the camp to change its policy.

“We said, ‘We’re basically paying you guys to rent your space and we’re not running anything illegal. We’re not doing anything untoward. This is simply a presentation for young adults,” President Ross Birchall told the outlet. “They wouldn’t budge.”

Now, the Club has decided to hold its events elsewhere because the two groups “have a fundamental difference” on matters of sexuality. Continue Reading >>

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