Cancer causing chemicals found in Johnson & Johnson baby products

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Johnson & Johnson is one of the biggest and most popular companies of baby care products. However, most of the parents are not aware that they are exposing their children to a great health risk by using these baby cosmetic products.

The products of this manufacturer contain toxic ingredients that can damage the gentle skin of the babies, and that can weaken their immune system which can lead to numerous chronic autoimmune diseases.

There are a few toxic ingredients found in Johnson & Johnson products, which can expose your child to many pathogens and chronic illnesses. One of these ingredients is 1,4-dioxane.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this compound can be responsible for many health issues, including headaches, vertigo, drowsiness, skin irritation, as well as liver damage.

Another toxic ingredient, quaternium-15, is found in Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. This quaternary ammonium salt releases formaldehyde which can be responsible for causing cancer. Over a period of time, this carcinogen can cause reactions on the skin of your baby.

According to Johnson & Johnson, these toxic chemicals will be removed from the American products. This company sells toxin-free products in other countries, including Japan, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Nevertheless, you may consider finding another option for providing your child with a safer body care. Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found in Johnson & Johnson Baby Products – Health Questions Answered


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