Cardinal and Pope’s advisor says Catholic Church should apologize to gays

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German Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, a member of the pope’s “C-9” council of cardinal advisors and a major force in his recent Synods of Bishops on the family, said the Church owes an apology to the LGBT community during a talk at Dublin’s Trinity College.

In his remarks, Marx said “the history of homosexuals in our societies is very bad, because we’ve done a lot to marginalize [them].”

According to a Friday report from the Irish Times, the prelate said, “As Church and society, we have to say ‘Sorry, Sorry.’”

Marx said that both Church and society had been “very negative” about gay people, and described that attitude as “scandalous and terrible.”

Speaking to the newspaper after his remarks, Marx then acknowledged that he had shocked the Synod of Bishops on the Family in October 2014 when he argued that it’s not possible to dismiss a long-standing, faithful same-sex relationship as worthless.

“We have to respect the decisions of people,” he’s quoted as saying.

“You cannot say that a relationship between a man and a man and they are faithful [that] that is nothing, that has no worth,” Marx said.

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