Where are our cars: Followers ask Kathy Kiuna on end of year promises

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Jesus Christian Centre (JCC) pastor Reverend Kathy Kiuna has only three days to give answers to her Twitter followers after a promise to them that they will all have cars before the year ends.

Kathy on November 14 posted, assuring believers that before the year ends, they will get cars. This is her tweet, hashtagged #40days of glory;

It is after this tweet that she first stirred Twitter with some asking how true her prophesy was while others were convinced it was going to happen.

Kathy, known for her lavish living leads the JCC with her husband Bishop Allan Kiuna. She is also the visionary of Daughters of Zion (DoZ) which reaches out to women. She co-hosts the weekly television program “Voice of Jubilee” with her husband.

The Kiuna’s are not new in controversy as seen by the recent confession by Bishop Kiuna. He on December 24 informed followers that he has plans to buy a private jet since it is getting tedious for him to fly from one continent to the other during his ministry.

When questioned about lavish living, the Bishop said that Jesus (whom he claims to be serving) was not a poor man, so neither should he.

Just days to the end of the year, tweeps have gone back to Kathy’s tweet to confirm if indeed there will be cars for them, most in a hilarious way.

Here are some of the comments;

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