Home End times headlines Catholic priests abandoning ‘pretentious, unbiblical’ celibacy

Catholic priests abandoning ‘pretentious, unbiblical’ celibacy

Catholic priests abandoning ‘pretentious, unbiblical’ celibacy
Many Catholic priests have expressed intentions to abandon priestly celibacy, join the Renewed Universal Catholic Church and get themselves wives.

This is a splinter group of the Catholic Church which allows priests to marry. It also has a diocese in Meru.

The church’s Mt Kenya region Archbishop, Peter Njogu, said people will be in for a rude shock in the next five years.

The bishop disclosed that many priests of the Catholic Church have been calling him expressing interest in joining them.

“We have a good number and more are ringing us and declaring interest. We will welcome them because they are ordained and we believe in their ordination,” he said.

“We feel the church should be reformed because it has messed up and is responsible for the departure of very many Christians who are regretting some of its actions.”

He spoke at Gachatha in Tetu sub-county, Nyeri county on Thursday, when he presided over the ordaining of new priest Phillip Muiga.

Muiga, a father of five from Othaya sub-county, said he has experience in church work and will perform his duties diligently.

The church has 15 priests, three having abandoned priestly celibacy and gotten married. Full report.