End times headlinesCatholicism, The miracle or deception of incorruptible bodies

Catholicism, The miracle or deception of incorruptible bodies


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The Roman Church says that the corpses of some of its saints are incorruptible – flawlessly preserved even for centuries. That is a deliberate lie because the incorruptibles are simply bodies that decay very very slowly.

Gen 3:19  In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Ecc 3:20  All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.

A miracle is a supernatural event. It like God doing magic. People who are on the quest to experience miracles open themselves wide to deception. They evidently think their religion is so ridiculous that they need to see miracle or a sign from God before they can manage to believe.

The Catholic Church reports the miracle of incorruptibility. This is when a picture or religious item and most often the body of a holy person should have decayed away and didn’t. This seems to be a testable and permanent miracle. Or is it? Idolatry – Catholics believe there are incorruptible bodies of saints

The Church says that the miracle is intended by God to show his approval for the example and teaching of the incorrupt person. A person can do this in an amazing way and not be a saint. The miracle then is thought to show approval not so much for the person but for their orthodoxy. God is really saying, “I preserve your body as a sign that your teaching about me was correct.”

St. Don Luigi Orione (1940) — Founder of religious institutes for men. His body is displayed in Tortona, Italy.

The desperation of some Catholics to see miracles where there is only mummifications is disconcerting. Even a devout Catholic psychologist would have to admit they suffer from a form of religious delusion and need help.

Were the bodies incorruptible?

Hambo Lama Itigelov was a Buddhist monk who died in 1927. He was exhumed in 2002 and found to be mummified. The preservation of the body was found to have been down to bromide salts and salt. Nevertheless he is considered to be supernaturally incorrupt.

Certain Catholic saints and blessed are alleged to have been miraculously preserved after death for years. The 31 bodies and body parts of saints mummified by the Catholic Church for worship

The best book, in a sense for its not very scientific, on the subject is Joan Carroll Cruz’s book, The Incorruptibles. The book is credulous for it treats cases that can no longer be examined as authentic and makes errors. However, she does tell us that some places and circumstances that should not mummify corpses and preserve them actually do it despite all the odds (page 33). Nature has strange ways at times. Yet she – a layperson not an expert – says the saints’ preservation is miraculous for they don’t get hard and dry and stiff like natural mummies. Many of the corpses have a nice smell indicating that some kind of embalming fluid was used. St Philip Neri and St Charles Borromeo were found to have been embalmed (page 87, Looking for a Miracle). Autopsies have never been done to determine whether the likes of St Bernadette were embalmed. Many of the bodies get black and hard and some parts of them rot.

St Charles Borromeo

The alleged miracle of incorruptibility is an affront to God for it attributes half-miracles to him. Sometimes God has to be even helped – really? Thought he was almighty!

The incorrupt body of St Angela Merici had to be treated for preservation in 1930.

Cruz forgets that the bodies of saints were often treated with preservatives as soon as the saint died so that the body would be able to be kept for longer for public viewing before burial. Another reason why devotees wanted saint’s bodies to last longer was so that relics such as the heart and so on could be taken.

St Zita

The body of St Zita (probably born 1212 – 27th April 1272) is preserved. She was born in Italy. When she was about 12, she got employment as a servant in the Fatinelli household. Her employers and the other servants hated her for her hard work and kindness. They constantly abused and maltreated her and gave her too much work to do. She refused to stand up for herself and assert her rights. In time, she was loved by the family. The pope canonised her in 1696. No doubt her refusal to respect herself and to let others trample over her made her appealing to the Church which wanted to make an example of her.

Pope John XXIII got treated with formalin and was in an airtight coffin that was made of lead, zinc or both which help delay decomposition. That was why he was well preserved when he was taken out of his tomb in March 2001 despite being dead for 37 years. The Vatican rejected the thought that it was a miracle. Cardinal Noe declared that the body was kept airtight and that the pope was not buried long enough for his preservation to be remarkable. The evil monster, Pope Boniface VIII, was found intact over three hundred years after his burial. It was checked on in the 1830s and found there was nothing left but the bones. The Cardinal mentioned that case as if to show that incorruptibility need not be a miracle when such an unholy pope was found incorrupt!

The Miraculous Medal visionary, St Catherine Laboure, has been considered to be among the incorruptibles and her body is still on display today. Some Catholic sources say that St Catherine Laboure was embalmed. Embalming could have been done and forgotten about in a lot of cases. In Catherine’s case, the hands completely rotted away and had to be replaced by wax hands indicating that her preservation is no miracle and she probably was embalmed. If you look at the photos, which have not been retouched, of the corpse of Catherine Laboure in the book, St Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal you will see she had a shrunken face and was very old looking. Yet the picture of her corpse has fresh full features with eyes open and excellent skin and she looks like a woman of 35. Either the body is a wax figure put there by the crafty Catholic Church or her body has disintegrated a bit and has had to be repaired with wax.

Padre Pio was exhumed decades after his death. Pio’s corpse was declared incorrupt by the people though Gabrielli who exhumed him declared it was far from incorrupt though in a fairly good condition. Gabrielli prepared the body for display by adding preservatives and resin. Pio’s face was passable and he recommended a veil could be used to conceal its imperfection. But eventually Gems Studio in London was commissioned to make a mask from silicon in order to make Pio lifelike and presentable.

Joe Nickell in The Jesus Relics states that some of the bodies believed to be miraculously incorrupt were investigated and it was found that they had been embalmed (page 50). He states how the body of St Charles Borromeo who died in 1584 was embalmed and was never put in the ground. Instead, the Church carefully made sure it was protected from humidity and air to preserve it.

The body of St Philip Neri was also embalmed though the Church let people think it was miraculous. The miraculous perfume emanating from this body could be perfumed preservatives (page 51).

A body can be put into a damp grave and it can either decompose or start to mummify in a leatherly fashion (page 52).

Read more dead persons that were ‘preserved’ of course by a Catholic miracle.

Friend, is this really what Jesus died for? The Catholic church is founded upon layers and layers of lies and paganism. The surface of it, what you and I see are the charities, schools, hospitals, clinics and christmas. The dark side that you will not see is deep rooted Satan worship that is channeled through these kinds of relics and idols.

It does not matter if you bow or not, God is calling you to come out of this paganism. As long as you are inside this confusion or Babylon…you cannot claim to be a follower of Christ. You are a pagan and Jesus is asking you to get out.

Rev 18:4  And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
Rev 18:5  For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

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