Catholics Destroy Adventist Homes For Not Celebrating ‘Holy Week’

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About 50 recalcitrant Catholics of San Miguel Chiptip, of the municipality of Altamirano, destroyed the homes of three families belonging members of the Adventist Church, because they refused to cooperate for the celebration of the pagan Holy Week that culminates to the Easter weekend.

The situation went out of control, after the inhabitants of San Miguel Chiptip, began to demand a quite high quota in contribution for the celebration of the Holy Week, and when the Adventists refused it created a conflict.

According to those affected, around 50 Catholics organized to destroy the houses, mostly made of block and wood, until they were demolished, which caused uncertainty among the population.

Adventist families fled their homes for fear of the death threats they were subjected to in the last hours, leaving all their belongings of value outside and all they have left to survive.

The families had to seek refuge and hide with some family and friends as Catholics warned that if they returned home, men, women and children would be punished drastically. Full report

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