Chemical that can cause cancer found in Colgate toothpaste

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Recently, one study discovered that Colgate toothpastes contain a substance called Triclosan. This substance can be harmful for our health, and it can even cause cancer.

The Chemical Research in Toxicology journal has publish a recent study on Triclosan which revealed that if used in high quantities, the substance can boost the spreading of cancer cells. In addition, previous studies have also showed that this chemical can be really harmful for human’s health.

Triclosan has the ability to penetrate through the skin and disrupt the endocrine and interfere with the function of the hormones. One study from 2008 published in the journal of Environmental Health Perspective showed that triclosan was found in the urine of 75% of the 2517 tested people over the age of 6.

Not only toothpaste, this chemical is widely used in the chemical industry and it can also be found in products like deodorants, hand sanitizers, detergents, etc. It’s a very harmful chemical that can penetrate the skin easily and disrupt the hormone balance.

Even though several studies proved the effects of using triclosan, Colgate and other chemical industries continue to use it in their products claiming that it’s not harmful. For the record, this chemical is banned for use in Canada.

As for United States, the government has no law or a rule that regulates the use of this harmful substance. It will probably happen after some serious health issues appear like in the case of PCB and DT. Let’s just hope that they’ll take some action soon before it’s too late.


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