China announces sanctions against North Korea

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China has announced a series of sanctions against North Korea.

The country has restricted imports of North Korean coal and sales of jet fuel under UN sanctions.

The Security Council passed a resolution in March, which expanded UN sanctions aimed at withholding funds for the North’s nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. It came after Pyongyang conducted four tests in recent months.

Among the North Korean materials to be banned, some of which are fundamental to the country’s revenue, is coal, iron, iron orse, gold, titanium and rare earths.

While China’s restrictions allow some North Korean materials to be imported for civilian use, any trade connected to the North’s missile or nuclear programmes has been prohibited. For the UN sanctions to succeed, the cooperation of China – an ally of North Korea – has been viewed as essential.

Banning the sale of jet fuel to the North has the potential to ground Pyongyang’s state-owned airline, Air Koryo. Read More

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