China Declares War on April Fools Day

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More than three years after mistakenly citing an article by The Onion about North Korean dictator being the “sexiest man alive,” China has decided to just not risk it.

On Friday, China’s Communist Party declared war against the most deviant of Western exports: April Fools’ Day.

“The so-called Western April Fools’ Day does not conform to Chinese cultural traditions or socialist core values,” China’s Xinhua News Agency said in a brief statement on its website Friday.

“Hope people won’t believe in rumors, start rumors or spread rumors,” the statement read.

Not only are Chinese media outlets trying to deter rumors, there is an active effort by government-run media to purge the country of all Western influence. The People’s Daily and broadcaster CCTV have joined Xinhua as part of an official campaign by the Chinese Communist Party to rid itself of Western input, seen as challenging domestic political orthodoxy.

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