China Just Banned All Muslim Call To Prayer

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Non-Muslim countries are experiencing the true agenda of Islamists: to establish an Islamic state in which unbelievers are subjugate to Islamic rule and must pay jizyah to be allowed citizenship.

However, one country has quickly recognized the threat of Islamization, and has taken measures to stunt the growth of such demands.

The Xinjiang region in western China has officially banned Muslim prayer meetings and other religious practices in government buildings, schools, and business offices, The Times Of India reports.

Steep fines have been imposed on the use of mobile phones and internet for content that may “undermine national unity,” meaning Islamic propaganda will be punished.

Officials claim that such propaganda may threaten social stability or incite ethnic hatred, quite the contrary of the U.S.’s idea of Islam.

All religious activity, including praying, will be restricted to designated mosques.

Another rule is that Muslims cannot wear clothing or logos associated with extremism. Sorry, mujahideen, no ISIS flags or patches allowed.

The new legislature will immediately affect Muslim employees, many of whom require five prayer breaks each day in their places of work. Their personal phones may also no longer be used to study the Quran or practice religious hymns.

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