Chinese Police Question 13 Christians For Holding Church Service At Home

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13 Christians in China’s southern Guangdong province were interrogated at the police station on Nov. 5 after police broke into their church service, ChinaAid learned recently.

During a Sunday morning worship service at Qingcaodi Church on Nov. 5, a team of police officers and religious affairs bureau personnel invaded a small house church and accused those gathered there of holding religious services at unapproved sites. They then confiscated Bibles and other Christian materials belonging to the church and brought 13 Christians to the Xincheng police station. There, they were questioned and forced to stay until their information was entered into the database and transcripts of their interrogation were filled out.

The woman who provided the church’s venue, Zhai Lili, received an administrative detention sentence, and she has not yet been released. According to a local Christian, the conditions and situation surrounding her apprehension are currently unknown.

This comprised the second time within a week this police station harassed members of a house church. Its first target, Pastor Li Wanhua of Fengle Church, was summoned to the station to speak to the police station after his home was raided, and authorities forced him to stay there for nearly four hours. Additionally, they confiscated Bibles and some Christian poetry that they found in his home.

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