Christian University Students Call School’s Biblical Views on Sex, Gender Identity ‘UnChrist-Like’

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A student club at Seattle Pacific University recently protested against the Christian university because it adheres to biblical views on human sexuality and gender identity.

The club, called SPU Haven, which advocates for gay students, claims that the university’s “Statement on Human Sexuality” is “unethical, unscientific and unChrist-like,” according to College Fix.

Members of SPU Haven protested against the left-leaning university during the “Day of Silence,” a national event that was held at university campuses and high schools on April 21 to bring attention to the “silencing effects of anti-LGBTQ name-calling, bullying and harassment.”

While the SPU administration said it supports students taking part in LGBT activism, it removed posters the students displayed around campus showing cartoon images of students’ mouths taped shut because they didn’t follow the university guidelines.

“These guidelines are applied uniformly to all student posters, whatever the topic,” a university spokesperson was quoted as saying. “The university sees this event as a way to give a unique voice to students who may feel bullied or not heard. We care deeply about all our students and work hard to make sure their voices are heard and that we understand their concerns.”

The university’s statement on sexuality, released in November 2005, says, “We believe it is in the context of the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman that the full expression of sexuality is to be experienced and celebrated and that such a commitment is part of God’s plan for human flourishing.”

The university said, “While we recognize a diversity of opinions within our community on the topic of sexuality, we affirm our statement on human sexuality.”
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